Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The City

My whole intention is to make an impression
Words are my tools and this verse my invention
I want you to focus and know this, G,
Put down your mobiles and notice me
won't let you forget me or file this indefinitely
fade into the past like a minor celebrity
I'll do what I can to stake my claim
Shout from the hilltops to make my name
A struggling writer, not angry or bitter
Not yet well known but still handy on Twitter
Dispensing what you need like a pharmacy
that's why I'm being followed by Clara G
Names familiar to maybe some
spinning my name out like a digital frisbee
I look at my life with a different framing
Every weekend, this city is changing
Last weekend I rolled to Bar 38
I needed a drink, I was thirsty, mate
When I got to the door, the bar was all new to me
The name of the place had changed to Purity 
Punters arrived and lots of them swarmed
The bar is a shelter like a rock in a storm
On house music once the city had thrived
then in 2011 the scene all but died
Only this bar was still pumping out tunes
The DJ performed in the underground room
Bini's a legend, her views are insightful
She claims Peter Street is due a revival
The rest of the road is just units for let
Didn't go long ago, no? You missed the best
Beautiful women, relaxed atmosphere,
Easy to pull if you didn't have no fear
I won't shed a tear over the way the era faded away
I want it back is all I can say.

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